jo cuthell
Hello, I am Jo . . .

I am dedicated to helping you achieve radiant and lasting wellbeing through a unique combination of modalities:

I work at various studios in the York area and also consult via Skype for clients living further a field who require a ritual consultation or divination.

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I look forward to working with you.
Jo Lundi Cuthell

How you can work with me . . .

  • Alexander Technique

    Alexander Technique

    It's all about balance and posture. I use the highly effective Alexander Technique to observe and analyze your movement, helping you make discoveries about how you move, identifying poor posture habits and instilling a new awareness.
  • Shamanic Counselling

    Shamanic Counselling

    As an initiated shaman in the Sangoma tradition originating in Africa, where I trained in Botswana and South Africa, I offer you inner guidance through divination using the method of ‘throwing the bones’.
  • Weleda Wellbeing Advisor

    Weleda Wellbeing Advisor

    I give talks and product demonstrations on Weleda’s natural and organic products. I share Weleda's philosophy of harmony with nature and the human being through either Wellbeing Events with small groups or 1 to 1.

Alexander Technique Lessons

What is it about?
With gentle guiding touch, I assist you to:
  • Improve your posture and awareness
  • Enhance your performance in the activities you love
  • It is a life skill that avoids poor posture habits
  • Be in sync with your posture and prevent injury

Ritual and Shamanic Counselling

What is it about?
Through ritual practices and divination:
  • Gain insights into ancestral dynamics at play in your life
  • Identify patterns of behaviour
  • Align your inner life with meaning and purpose
  • Reconnect to ancient ways of knowing

Weleda Wellbeing Advisor

What is it about?
Learn more about the Weleda range of products and place your orders with me if you live in York:
  • Understand the importance of clean organic beauty
  • Receive a free Weleda facial to experience how these products work
  • Live your life free of parabens and other toxic chemicals in beauty products
  • Radiate with natural wellbeing

Contact me

Jo Cuthell Portrait

Phone: 075 133 25073

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